How many days will my order take to arrive?


2-3 business day

SPECIAL NOTE: For Optimal shipping time your best bet is to order Monday-Tuesday the delivery service we use does not do parcel pickup from FRIDAY afternoon till early Monday morning so please keep that in mind if you need your order right away

What does the sale status HOLD mean?


HOLD means your order is in a Que and we are just waiting to verify your payment

What does it mean when my sale status changes to PROCESSING?


PROCESSING means your payment is verified and your order is out the door!

Why doesn’t my tracking # work from my confirmation email?


All orders go out the following morning and are deposited in mail boxes and not through the post

How do I Become a Member?


If you want to receive discounts and free gifts, We suggest on you signing up here

What Methods of Payment do you Accept?


Currently, we are accepting Bitcoin.

Do you Ship Medical Marijuana Outside of Europe



What Happens after I send in my email transfer?


Email transfers time ranges from a minute to hours, We will email you once we got the funds to initiate the transaction